Six savvy ways to get out of debt and get ahead

6 savvy ways to get out of debt and get ahead

It’s easy to walk into debt, but so much harder to get out of it. You must own your mess and know that your financial reason for living is to pay down your debt, writes Glen James author of Sort Your Money Out & Get Invested. Apathy and debt reduction don’t go hand in hand. You … Read more

What to expect in 2022

Investment returns are unpredictable. Take last year, for example. Few would have predicted that the price of coffee beans would outperform global share markets. But that’s exactly what happened, thanks to a combination of unforeseen climatic events and the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on supply chains around the world. Those factors, combined with … Read more

From boom to balanced: 2022 set to ride a smoother property wave

2203 AI CC Quarterly property review

Quarterly property update: November – January 2022 After a bumper year across the Australian property market – from the city to the regions – experts are predicting slower price growth ahead. However, with limited supply and low interest rates for the foreseeable future, real estate will still be a hotly sought-after commodity in 2022. National … Read more